Daily Special

Choose Two of Following Items with Fried Rice or White Rice, Sub Lo Mein $2 Extrafor Only $8.29
A. Vegetable Lo MeinJ. Chicken Wings (4)
B. General Tso's Chicken (Spicy)K. Honey Chicken Wings (4)
C. Sesame ChickenL. Kung Pao Chicken (Spicy)
D. Sweet & Sour ChickenM. Curry Chicken (Spicy)
E. Beef or Chicken w. BroccoliN. Mixed Vegetables
F. Pepper SteakO. Crab Rangoon (4)
G. Moo Goo Gai PanP. Chicken Teriyaki Stick (2)
H. Mongolian Chicken or BeefQ. Fried shrimp (8)

Daily Special 8.29